5 Things to Know about your Block Heater…

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had calls from customers and staff asking about Engine Block Heaters, and if they are safe to use for extended periods of timeremote starting your vehicle while it is still plugged in, what exactly do they do, etc…?
So!  Here is information to help answer your questions 😃 – Jarrett King | Delivery Specialist 
What does the Engine Block Heater do?
– The engine block heater keeps your engine warm in cold weather, much like an electric blanket on the couch; this allows the many fluids and oils to stay in a warm state, so that when you turn on the engine, all of the fluids can flow to where they need to be, for safe and normal engine operation in cold weather
– Depending on the make, model, and year of vehicle, the engine block heater may run for a certain amount of time, then shut off, and then turn back on after a certain amount of time has passed

Can I remote start my vehicle while it is still plugged in?
Yes!  The block heater system is not tied into your vehicle’s electrical system, so it does not harm the remote start or computer systems to start your vehicle while it is plugged in
At what temperature do I need to plug in my vehicle?
– Most engine block heater systems only begin to operate in conditions below -18 C
– In fact, the block heater will turn ITSELF on around this temperature; meaning, even though it is plugged in, it is not actually turned on at – 5 C

Does it harm my vehicle to leave it plugged in for extended periods of time?
– No!  Leaving a vehicle plugged in for extended periods of time will have no ill effects on the vehicle’s engine or other systems; however, it will waste energy and cost you $$ if you do not intend to use the vehicle anytime soon 😉
– It is a best practice to plug the vehicle in within 24 hours of needing to use it, however, batteries can die when not used regularly in cold weather!

Does plugging in my car charge my battery?
– No!  The battery is not connected to your engine block heater, and will not keep it “charged”
– It is always a best practice to have a BATTERY LOAD TEST performed to test the health of your battery when heading into the winter months, as part of preventative vehicle maintenances!

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