Trevor's Road Trip Playlist.

Top Road Trip Songs

“Top 10 Songs to put on your Road Trip Playlist.”

If you have read my previous blog about what are the worst songs to listen to you will be able to understand this list is a little subjective, but I can’t help it if I am right (hahahaha).
What kind of songs scream road trip to you? Driving down the highway belting out some song you usually don’t listen to, hanging on the beginning of every song and hearing people in the car say, “I haven’t heard this is so long, I love it”. I am going to throw some titles out at you, dare you not to picture yourself trying to harmonize with your passengers, just remember to keep your windows up so you don’t scare other people, I know I do.
Click the song title to watch the video.
10 Radar Love – Golden Earing
Heading down the highway, nice spring day, singing along… basic meaning of the song of traveling to meet the love of your life…., does it get better, OF COURSE IT DOES
9 King of the Road – Roger Miller
The live performance link pick is no accident, there is no arguing with this man’s talent. If you are like me, this song harkens back to those days, riding in the backseat, complaining about your brothers thigh touching you thigh, dad driving, mom swatting at you in the backseat (just kidding Mom!). All in all a much simpler time.
8 Holiday Road – Lindsay Buckingham
If you aren’t laughing right now…, you are dead. Nuff said (insert mike drop here)
7 Barbara Ann – Beach Boys
Talk about simpler times, Jack Benny introducing the Beach Boys. Who hasn’t tried to do just about every part of the harmonization, my favorite, of course is the bass!
6 California Girls – David Lee Roth
I admit it was a toss-up here with the original. I went with the former Van Halen lead man because, well, it was among his first releases, it inspires you to sing along, and it helped soothe the pain of the Van Halen break up at the time. Eddie Van Halen Rocks!
Bonus entry on this one, my list my rules!  ERUPTION! EDDIE!
5 Superstition – Stevie Wonder
Who wants the funk? We got the funk! Dare you to not have fun listening to this song.
4 A Tie Love Roller Coaster – Ohio Players and Red Hot Chili Peppers
Again, my list my rules, but any song good enough for Beavis and Butthead to road trip to has to make the list. Oops just dated myself again.
3 Another tie but the same artist, different songs, no list of top driving songs can avoid these two songs by Steppenwolf
Magic Carpet Ride
Born to be Wild 
Get your motor runnin? Does it get any better? Spring day, blasting down the high way, stupid winter.
2 Stuck in the Middle with you – Stealers Wheels
“Can you hear me now”  – Mr. Blonde, Reservoir Dogs. Despite the mental images associated with this one, such a fun song. Bet you are singing or bobbing your head.
Again, this list is highly subjective and it is my list, so I get to make the rules. That means I get 3 #1 songs on MY list.
1c Spirit in the Sky – Norman Greenbaum or Doctor and the Medics
Random memories of air band competitions in junior high with this one. Again, simpler times, didn’t know how good we had it. Such a fun song when you are driving. Watch the lead foot!
Now, an important fact to know, I am a metal head. It has been a little hard to skew this whole list and try to pick songs people can agree on. So now it is my turn but I will still keep it PG!
1b Detroit Rock City – Kiss
Feel uptight on a Saturday night…, there was some cruising done with this song blasting from a little brown Ford Maverick, I may have been involved 😉
Oh no, one left. Do I go with some Crue, Ozzy, Alice, Scorpions, Dio, Bon Jovi, T-Rex, oooooohhhh my head is spinning. How about the CULT!
1a Fire Woman – The Cult
Bought on cassette, then on CD, then stole on Napster. This is one song that has been played in every single vehicle I have ever owned, a few I borrowed, and one, well, we will leave that one alone.
MY LIST MY RULES, can’t believe it is ending it has been too much fun
Wore this cassette out, didn’t know you could do that, wore out another, and bought the cd, just LOVE this whole album. Favorite song to blast on something loud, especially in the car!
Well that is my list. I want to keep going, make more of list, if anyone is looking for me I will be making mixed tapes!