2011 Canadian Junior Little League Championship

Davis GMC Buick Sponsors the 2011 Canadian Jr Little League Championship




Davis GMC Buick is very proud to announce that they will be a sponsor at the 2011 Canadian Little League Championship being held at Spitz Stadium August 2nd – 11th. Should be a great time for players and spectators alike!


Billets Needed:


The Junior Little League Canadian Championship is just around the corner and there is still a big need for billets

Teams start arriving on Tuesday and organizers are still looking for five to ten families to take in a couple of players.

Chairman Mel Collier says its just like having your own child.  You will be responsible for feeding them, running them back and forth to the ball park and maybe doing a little laundry.

These kids are 13 or 14 years old and they try to billet them out 2 at a time.

The tournament runs from August 2nd to the 11th.

Anyone interested in taking in some kids during the tournament can call:

Karen at 403-381-1814 or Sandy at 403-942-1233


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