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Take Advantage Of Our Summer Service Special!

This summer we are running a discounted special service package so that you are road ready for your summer adventures! This package includes a chassis lube, tire rotation, filter change, brake inspection, battery load test, full vehicle inspection, engine cooling system test, and a dexos or conventional oil change! Take action now before service is full price again.

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Does your vehicle need a coolant flush?

If your vehicle is 5 years old, or you've reached 240,000km you might need a coolant flush. Coolant passes through a lot of major systems in your car which can be very pricey to replace once damaged! Not getting a coolant flush can result in requiring major repairs such as: Water pump replacement, radiator, new thermostats, even gasket replacements.
Going into a new season, we're offering a special DexCool Coolant flush price of $109.95+GST for gas engines and $119.95+GST for diesel engines. Take action now before service is full price again. Regular $139.95+GST.



What you should know about DexCool Coolant Engine Flushes

  • As an engine runs, a lot of heat is generated! This heats up the internal engine components.
  • Coolant is then circulated by the water pump and into the engine to absorb heat.
  • The hot Coolant then passes through the thermostat and through a heater core which blows hot air into the cabin.
  • Coolant then flows from the thermostat through a hose into the radiator
  • While you drive, cold air passes through the radiator, rapidly cooling off the coolant inside
  • This Coolant then flows back into the engine and begins to cycle again keeping your vehicle safe from repairs.



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  • IntelliHaul Sierra

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