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Building Credit When New To Canada

Canada has emerged as one of the great multicultural societies. With several organizations that help immigrants settle in our country, newcomers often find adjusting to the country simple and uncomplicated. However, one of the aspects where new immigrants find themselves facing some issues is when it comes to applying for an auto loan.

In Canada, most banks or lenders need you to have a minimum credit score before they can process your auto loan application. Here at Davis GMC Buick, we can provide Davis In-House Financing for newcomers to Canada.

Immigrants who wish to apply for an auto loan in Canada to buy a vehicle, have to ensure they start building a good credit score from the beginning. One of the ways to do this is to visit one of our Loan Specialists at Davis GMC Buick. We have several different options to help you get into a vehicle and build your credit!

We help everyone, “Bad Credit, Poor Credit, and No Credit.”

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