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Dear Jarrett, 
When should my gas light come on my GMC Sierra 1500? I've gotten it pretty low and I don't get an indicator. 
Running on Empty in Lethbridge

Dear Running on Empty, 
Since 2015, most vehicles no longer have a "gas light" warning displayed on the dash when fuel is running low.

Instead, the vehicle now has a "fuel range" screen in your Driver Information Center (or DIC), which is the display screen in front of your steering wheel. On the right side of your steering wheel is a direction control (the plus sign made of arrows), simply click the down arrow until you see the "fuel range" screen.

That screen displays the distance you can drive on the fuel remaining in your gas tank!

When you hit the point that on older vehicles we would see the "fuel light", the screen will display "low fuel" and you will have under 50km's of fuel remaining (it is never an exact amount of distance due to the difference in driving habits of different drivers)

The goal is to provide a better idea of driving range for the operator, rather than just a warning when it may be too late.

Jarrett King


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