Top 5 Movies to Pack in your Car

DVD player
Top Movies to Pack in your Car | by  Cole Balog When it comes to movies everyone has their personal opinions and will debate to the death about the good ones and the bad ones. I believe when it comes to these debates pretty much everyone is out to lunch and they have no idea […]
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Install My GMC or My Buick App.

Have you installed your MY GMC or MY BUICK app yet? These new apps combine the usefulness of the Remotelink app, with the support of the “My GMC” or “My Buick” apps, putting valuable information at your fingertips in real time! With anytime access to digital owners manuals, dealership contact and booking info, WIFI services, and much much […]
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Purchasing a Vehicle Online.

Buying a truck online.
Purchasing a Vehicle Online | Brent Miller Over the last 10 years nothing has had a bigger effect in our day to day lives then the internet, and  the auto industry is no different.  From pricing to customer reviews to advertising, the internet has become a whole entire vehicle (get it?) for auto dealers.  The […]
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Winter Driving Tips

Winter Is Still Here | Byron White It is important respect the weather conditions for your safety and the safety of everyone around you. Here are some Winter Driving Safety Tips: Start by fully cleaning off your vehicle.  All windows , turn indicators, and lights must be completely exposed for safe driving. Next, let your […]
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Extend My Remote Start Time.

Dear Jarrett, BURR, it’s COLD out! Can I extend my remote start time? Sincerely, Fogged up in Fairmont ANSWER: Extending Remote Start Time You can use your remote to extend the run time of the remote start event. Reprogramming the computer for a longer run time is not an option at this time. The Remote […]
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Fall in Love with Buick Regal Turbo

  10 Reasons to fall in love with the Buick Regal Turbo | by Rebekah Crabb Here are some reasons why I love my Buick Regal! No more is this just a car for our experienced generation, but a car that everyone of all ages will appreciate.  #1) SLEEK STYLE: The body style of the […]
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Auto 101 with Chelsea. Engine Oil.

Do I need to check my engine oil? Your oil life monitor will let you know when it is time to change your oil, but it doesn’t know the level. It is a good idea to check the level when fueling up and keep it topped off.  Make sure the oil is between the upper […]
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Important update for OnStar Remotelink App.

Important news update from GM: Do you use the OnStar Remotelink app?  If so, we have great news! The OnStar Remotelink app will soon be phased out, so customers are urged to download, for FREE, their ALL-NEW brand specific “My GMC” or “My Buick” app! These new apps combine the usefulness of the Remotelink app, with the […]
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Hail Damage Repair in the Lethbridge Area

Has your vehicle been in a recent hail storm in the Lethbridge, Taber or Fort Macleod areas? The hail damage repair experts in Lethbridge at Davis GMC Buick have some valuable advice to share on what to do if your vehicle is caught in a hail storm. Sometimes, hail dents are very minor and hard […]
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  TOP 5 GM Movie Stars- by Cole Balog   Everyone enjoys a classic movie but, a lot of people have no idea that we are continually being exposed to the persuasion of everyday marketing. GMC has been one of those companies that has continually placed its product in the limelight for millions of people […]
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